In league with champions

In league with champions

Not all meetings of champions need to be a competition. It can also be an opportunity for cooperation. Sometimes the leading forces in their market meet to cooperate and draw benefits from each other’s strengths.

Now that Advania and Bizview Systems are becoming partners in the Norwegian market, it’s a natural development for both parties: Advania is one of Norway’s biggest ERP players in the market, and BizView develops one of the best and most flexible tools that is made in the market.

“Advania delivers business solutions, cloud services and communication solutions to medium and big companies” says CEO Espen Hartz at Advania. “The basis of what we offer is the Microsoft Dynamics 365, with the help of real-time information, which enables smarter decision making in a shorter time span, and create growth with flexible technology. But now with BizView systems as a new partner, we have the possibility to improve our offer in economic reporting and planning for our customers. The advantage of BizView and Bizview systems is the technological platform they have built their solution on, and that it’s compatible with solutions from Microsoft, which is the core of what we offer to our market” Espen Hartz ends.

CEO of Bizview Norway, Lars Fjellbirkeland says: “BizView sees great possibilities in the Norwegian market for budgeting and forecasting systems. The Bizview mantra is: “planning and reporting the way you want it. Faster!”. By making an easy way to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, there will be possibilities to combine the best system combining it with the best competence for implementation. With Advania as a Bizview-partner, there will be many new customers that will experience this.

About Advania

Advania is a system integrator that offers communication solutions, CRM and BI. cloud services are of course a part of their offered service. Earlier, software was self-developed, but now our focus is to be safe and good advisors and implement standard Microsoft technology. Microsoft is developing the solutions and we help our customers with knowledge of processes, technological expertise and management. Advania has been in the market for decades, and today consists of consultants who have worked a lifetime in the IT industry, but also consultants who are top graduate candidates and young professionals.

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About BizView

BizView is a software solution for planning, forecasting, budgeting, reporting, analysis and consolidation. The software has a web-based, spreadsheet-like user interface, combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also work well with Qlik and Microsoft`s solutions. BizView is developed by Bizview Systems, with offices in Scandinavia, and is marketed by a professional, global partner network. Today there are over 1,000 companies with implemented solutions from Bizview Systems

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Planning and reporting the way you want it. Faster.