BizView Online is now updated to BizView365 and the product information bellow is no longer valid.
Please contact us on for information on BizView365.

BizView Online

BizView Online is our service where we offer BizView as a service over the Internet. It provides a number of benefits for you as a customer;
  • One low monthly fee instead of buying software licenses
  • No need for hardware or installation
  • No need for operation or backup procedures
  • Automatic upgrade to the latest version of BizView
  • Access the Internet wherever you are
  • Secure login
  • Automatic transfer of data from your ERP / data warehouse to BizView Online

Depending on your needs, we have different configurations of BizView Online. We have solutions for small businesses to scalable solutions for large organisations. You can also choose which modules of BizView you want.

Operation of BizView Online is managed from a hyper-modern data center located in the Nordics with high capacity and security. The data center is connected to one of the most stable and fastest fiber IP networks. Backup data is managed continuously and stored in two independent data centers.

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