Norwegian Dental Insurance makes a great entry in to the insurance market supported by BizView

Norwegian Dental Insurance makes a great entry into the insurance market supported by BizView

Norwegian Dental Insurance makes a great entry into the Norwegian Insurance market. With BizView supporting the agency with its highly adaptable and flexible solutions in planning and reporting, enabling Norwegian Dental Insurance system gather and present data in an effective way.

Norwegian Dental Insurance is a newcomer to the insurance market, and is doing a great success in offering insurance on basic tooth problems in Norway. With Cloud Insurance, they have a policy and claim system that effectively handles new insurance, documentation and claims far easier for collective insurance policies and for private customers.

BizView will deliver a system that seamlessly and effectively extracts policy- and claims information from Cloud Insurance, and ledger transactions from Visma Global. BizView integrates with the over mentioned systems, extracts data for reports and analysis with a focus on management information through written and accounted policies. All data will be represented either in dashboard, through for example selected or defined analysis or reports.

One of the founders of Norwegian dental insurance, Hans Martin Kristiansen says: “To us, it’s important that BizView can identify and connect customer data with accounting, and easily put these two together, so that we can make sure that the information from Cloud Insurance can be connected with the accounting numbers from Visma Global. In this way, BizView is a key solution that binds our systems together and makes the work process and economic management much more effective.

For Norwegian dental insurance, it’s important to have a system that is very flexible and that is up to date with the latest technology. BizView is based on HTML5-Technology that makes it easy to display key information in your laptop or other mobile devices.

Norwegian Dental Insurance

Norwegian Dental Insurance was established in 2013, and is one of Norway’s first agencies that offers reasonable insurance for sudden and unforeseen accidents on teeth. Norwegian Dental Insurance offer both collective and individual services for companies, federations or with private customers.

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About Cloud Insurance

Cloud Insurance works on making automatic systems in the insurance market with technical and cloud based solutions. Cloud Insurance main focus is to make the distance between company and market shorter and develop total solutions that have a focus on being user friendly for the user of their solution.

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About BizView

BizView is a software solution for planning, forecasting, budgeting, reporting, analysis and consolidation. The software has a web-based, spreadsheet-like user interface, combined with powerful workflow management. BizView is an open solution that also work well with Qlik and Microsoft`s solutions. BizView is developed by Bizview Systems, with offices in Scandinavia, and is marketed by a professional, global partner network. Today there are over 1,000 companies with implemented solutions from Bizview Systems

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