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About Bizview Systems

Bizview is one of the leading systems for budgeting, planning, reporting, analytics and dashboard. With adaptable features and powerful workflow management, users at all levels in the organization can participate in the planning and reporting process. Companies of all sizes worldwide use BizView to improve their processes and business results. Our mission is to deliver planning and reporting, the way you want it. Faster.

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Planning and reporting the way you want it. Faster.

Improve your financial planning processes

Opt for a connected solution integrating all your planning, budget, reporting and analytics in one place.

Many companies use tools that aren't optimal for efficient and accurate performance management. This causes errors, frustration and excessive time waste. BizView is a performance management platform developed for businesses that are looking to put their financial planning & analytics in one safe place. 

Leave the stress and frustration of not having the right budgeting, reporting and analytics tools in place. Opt for a one-stop solution that collects all your planning, reporting and analytics in one place - BizView. Your whole organization will thank you.

Bizview modules and features

Perform all your budgeting, planning and forecasting on one integrated platform, connected to your existing systems. Instead of manual entries and data extractions, save time and resources by opting for one single platform for all your budget, planning and forecasting needs.

Dashboard & Visualizations

Visualize your data, results and KPI, and communicate it to your organization. Let everyone take part of the company results. Use stunning visualizations as part of your internal corporate communication.

Direct integrations

BizView is an open solution that can be directly integrated with you BI, ERP or data storage solution. We have direct integrations with many business systems on the market, such as Qlik and Microsoft Power BI.

Reporting & Analysis

Extract everything from structured reports to tailor-made analysis rapidly and efficiently. Streamline, consolidate and simplify your reporting. Automatically connect your data sources to your reporting, in order to avoid manual data entry and the risk of errors.

Data, BI & Analytics

In a world of data, it is more important than ever to leverage your information in order to make the right decisions. Use your data optimally and analyze more  to make better decisions, get a better overview, and understand your business trends. Twist and tweak your data by applying different fllters to your forms.

Cloud-based planning

One single place for all your budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics - the cloud. Discover all the benefits of moving your corporate performance management to the cloud.

The Bizview benefits

Built-in workflow
Integrates easily
Competitive pricing
Efficient reporting
All types of planning
Budgeting & Forecasting

Rolling forecasts
Audit trail
Driver-based planning
Status tracking
Data management
Version handling




Any data source


Report segments


Reporting & Analysis


Balance sheet



Currency conversion


Mixed data sources

Automatic reporting

Data, BI & Analytics

Any data source

Data views

Configurable measures

Drag and drop



The Bizview user

Business controllers and CFOs work daily with budgeting, forecasting, analytics and reporting. Bizview is specifically adapted to cater the needs of finance personnel. With Bizview, they can successfully and efficiently manage and deliver their tasks, without relying on risky and fragile spreadsheets or heavy, outdated systems. All team members will benefit from collaboration and the joy of doing a better job thanks to the proper tools.

Virtually any function and position within a company can use Bizview for their daily tasks. Sales personnel, Analysts, HR, Supply chain, etc. will all benefit from improved financial planning, forecasting, analytics and reporting.

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