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BizView for Microsoft Power BI

Add a powerful planning and reporting complement to your existing Microsoft Power BI solution

Integrate easily

BizView for Microsoft Power BI is a planning, forecasting and reporting solution, that can easily be integrated with your MS Power BI business intelligence solution.


We have a ready-made integration solution that enables you to combine you BI platform with BizView's powerful planning and reporting features.

Complement your BI solution

Microsoft' Power BI solution allows you to visualize and analyze data in a powerful way. However, there are other needs and requirements in your organization that Power BI isn't built to solve. BizView supports input of data, budgeting and forecasting.

It also complements Power BI solutions by supporting coordination of planning processes where many people are involved. 

Get this with BizView for Microsoft Power BI
A planning solution to integrate with your data sources
Planning & reporting features to complement your Power BI solution
Rapid implementation
A unified interface - see BizView forms next to your BI solution
Gain control and overview of the approval process
Integrate your solutions smoothly.