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BizView er et av de ledende systemene for budsjettering, planlegging, rapportering, analyse og dashbord. Med tilpasningsdyktige funksjoner og kraftig arbeidsflytstyring kan brukere på alle nivåer i organisasjonen delta i planleggings- og rapporteringsprosessen. Bedrifter i alle størrelser over hele verden bruker BizView for å forbedre sine prosesser og forretningsresultater. Vårt oppdrag er å levere planlegging og rapportering, slik du ønsker det. Raskere.

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BizView for your industry

Thousands of companies already use BizView to improve their planning, reporting and analysis. We deliver better performance management to a variety of industries and to companies of all sizes. Read more about your industry of interest.


BizView enables decentralized processes, which means that sales managers in the energy sector can plan and follow up sales and contributions per day, week, month and yearly basis.

For an industry with rapidly changing structures, that have long-term effects, keeping the control and planning for the near as well as distant future becomes critical. BizView lets you combine short-term with long-term plans, also on a rolling basis.


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Food & beverage

The food & beverage sector requires detailed forecasting on a weekly basis down, even down to individual products. Also, separate plans for sites, markets and regions are a must.

BizView can provide the flexibility and dynamics that is required to be able to control and manage these core processes. Design your plans using scenarios and simulations to monitor, estimate and maximize margins on all levels, no matter the complexity of your organization.


Some of our customers

Consulting & services

Professional services planning requires that you have full control over your projects, people, hours, rates and clients. Maximize utilization and prioritize value added services. Make sure you optimally use the resources available and focus on the most valuable projects.


BizView will help you drive profitability by planning your company resources in the best possible manner. It will allow you to keep an eye on revenue and identifying gaps in resource utilization. It will enable you to find opportunities to increase your resources. By using driver-based planning down to daily levels, you will gain control over your daily business as well as specific projects.


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Real estate

Substantial investments, large projects and uncertain revenues are inherent to the property industry. The decisions that are taken today have crucial effects for the long-term success of the business.

BizView will enable you to perform scenario estimation based on all variables before committing to the investment. Your organization will be able to prioritize between possible projects, monitor and take the necessary actions. Your decisions will be based on project data, cash flow, expenses and bottom-line profitability. Important decisions require the right basis.


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Manufacturing companies deal with complex processes, all with different needs for planning and follow-up. BizView is flexible enough to meet all needs, providing decision makers with the insight to future and immediate feedback on the results.

With BizView you gain superior control over the relationship between products and sales, financial target, production planning, CAPEX, OPEX as well as HR. It all comes in one system, with ease of integration to your existing systems and data sources.


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Retail & distribution

Retail is an industry with strong demands for financial management and planning. Tight margins and fierce competition increases the need for insight to all parts of the business. Plan and manage sales, product margins, processes and costs.

Identify where profitability can be found by working with KPI scenarios. Plan accurately across your operating and CAPEX areas. BizView makes it possible to unite all end-to-end processes of the different planning, forecasting and analytics steps required to make better decisions.


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Public sector

A public sector organization often runs a vast number of operations and different business models. This requires a full control over the different activities and costs.

BizView can handle complex organizations by utilizing smart web deployment for roles and organizational belongings. Thanks to the built-in workflow, users throughout the organization can focus on their area of responsibility, with complete control of their day-to-day activities as well as forecasted revenues and costs. On a central level, all plans automatically fall into place through automated and pre-designed roll-ups and aggregations.


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Media houses constantly change structures. By having a homogenous and well-defined budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics structure in place, the continuous control of the entire organisation becomes a lot easier.

With BizView it is easy to add companies, dimensions, structures, keeping the control and managing the roll-up regardless of changing structures. Use your unique drivers to plan the revenues and costs of your operations. Utilize the driver actuals to accruately predict the future. BizView is perfectely adapted for historical as well as calculated as well as driver-based planning


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