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BizView är ett av de ledande systemen för planering, rapportering, analys och dashboard. Med anpassningsbara funktioner och kraftfullt stöd för workflow, kan användare på alla nivåer i organisationen delta i planerings- och rapporteringsprocessen. Företag av alla storlekar världen över använder BizView för att förbättra deras processer och affärsresultat. Vi drivs av att leverera planering och rapportering, så som du vill ha det. Snabbare.

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Bizview General Course


Location: Distance

Date: 17-20 March 2020

On 17-20 March 2020, Bizview Academy will hold a General Partner Education. The course aims to give a helping hand in setting up the Bizview application, creating customer content and enable a more efficient start of Bizview projects.


The focus of the course will be setting up a Customer Solution from inside the application.


After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how data is connected to reports, forms and other parts of the system

  • Navigate both the end-user interfaces (HTML5 and Silverlight) of Bizview as a system administrator

  • Build basic Reports, Forms and Grid forms

  • Run jobs and the basics of trouble shooting them

  • Set up a basic Workflow

  • Understand what a Bizview Dataview is and how to use them.

  • Use analytics and make small adjustments to the dataset and the Bizview Dataview

  • Create Dashboards from previously set up Bizview Dataviews

  • Manage objects, planning versions, Bizview clients, users and templates.

  • Basic understanding of setup of access and authorizations using roles as well as other dimensions.

This course does not include the installation of Bizview, the setup of database integration or the creation of SQL queries.


The course will be held online using GoToMeeting. If you are located in Stockholm and would prefer to be on premise please let us know and we will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Course rate:

4800 SEK/NOK

450 EUR

For specific partner or contract rates please contact your partner representative.

Please note that your registration to the course is binding.