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Norwegian Dental Health Insurance

Saves time by reducing manual use of financial spreadsheets

“We are considered as the most innovative player in our market by applying new and modern technology in our daily work to such an extent.”

Hans M. Kristiansen

Executive Director


This is The Norwegian Dental Health Insurance (NTHF)


  • The insurance industry is complex, with many different income sources and strict regulatory requirements

  • It is a rigorous exercise to keep full control of income sources as well and payment and reservation of claims

  • The nature of the industry comes with stringent reporting requirements to various stakeholders

Results with BizView

  • Saving in on two full time employees

  • Integration with the organization’s policy management system

  • Integration with 24SevenOffice (ERP system)

  • Reporting and statistics

The NTHF (Norsk Tannhelseforsikring – Norwegian Dental Health Insurance) operate in a complex industry, where it is crucial to keep full control of premium income, outstanding premium, premium reserves, payment of claims and reservation of claims. 

Specifically, they need to keep track on several time-consuming challenges on a regular basis: reporting to the Board of Directors, Investors, Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), Financial Complaints Authority (FSA), Taxation Authorities and most importantly, the Insurance providers.

With such strict requirements, the lack of satisfying reporting can result in a risk of losing financial authorization. Furthermore, there is a risk that the insurance providers terminate the contract as a result of lack of internal control. Therefore, it is crucial to have full control over the reporting process.


The NTHF is currently using BizView Reporting and Dashboard. Budget and Forecasting will be implemented during Autumn 2019. The current solution has provided the organization with some very satisfactory results.

Hans M. Kristiansen, Executive Director at NTHF, comments on the results of implementing BizView in the organization:

“The direct impact in our daily work is represented by significant time savings of manual use of financial spreadsheet and reporting, and the fact that we at least have saved two positions handling finance and accounting.”

Thanks to BizView’s modern technology and powerful visualization features, the NTHF also has experienced some unexpected benefits. Hans M. Kristiansen continues:

“It is easy combine numbers and presentation of our book of business to all our business partners. It is quite impressive that we are considered as the most innovative player in our market by applying new and modern technology in our daily work to such an extent. Especially when presenting our solution overseas it is a pleasure to demonstrate all combinations available of how we analyze our portfolio and our performance degree.”

About The Norwegian Dental Health Insurance

The Norwegian Dental Health Insurance offers dental health insurance, with several insurance alternatives for unforeseen dental care expenses and treatments. The insurance products are distributed through companies, organizations, dental clinics and individual dentists, as well as directly to consumers through the web.