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About Bizview Systems

BizView is one of the leading systems for budgeting, planning, reporting, analytics and dashboard. With adaptable features and powerful workflow management, users at all levels in the organization can participate in the planning and reporting process. Companies of all sizes worldwide use BizView to improve their processes and business results. Our mission is to deliver planning and reporting, the way you want it. Faster.

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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Next generation integrated enterprise performance management

From chaotic spreadsheets to one connected platform

Many organizations rely on tools that are unsuited for collaboration. Instead of relying on spreadsheets, migrate to a modern and integrated solution with BizView.

Connect your planning with reporting, analytics and dashboards in one integrated cloud solution. Save time and shorten your budget and forecasting cycles.

What you can do

BizView is suitable for any type of budget, and any type of organization

All types of budgets

Create rolling forecasts with infinite number of scenarios

Rolling forecasts

Simplify your work with automated solutions


Safely store your data with BizView or in your existing data storage

Data storage

Use everything from simple to advanced solutions

Adjust the complexity

Time reporting, project management, cost allocation

Finance management

Types of planning with BizView

Sales budget

Production budget

Purchase budget

Employee budget

Cost budget

Result budget

Project budget

Budget tool

Sales forecasts

Cash flow forecast

Puchase planning

High-level production planning

FTE planning

Workforce planning

Occupancy planning

Costs forecasts


Time reporting

Project planning

Cost allocation and reporting

Efficient collection of data from many users

And much more

Other uses

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