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Bizview is one of the leading systems for budgeting, planning, reporting, analytics and dashboard. With adaptable features and powerful workflow management, users at all levels in the organization can participate in the planning and reporting process. Companies of all sizes worldwide use BizView to improve their processes and business results. Our mission is to deliver planning and reporting, the way you want it. Faster.

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Bizview Summit 2019: a re-cap

Last week, on November 21st, we had the pleasure to host 2019 year’s edition of the annual Bizview Summit for customers and partners based in Scandinavia. It was a day filled with new inspiration, unique insights into the latest BizView updates, and plenty of interesting meetings in Stockholm! We had the pleasure of presenting several talented key note speakers on stage, who focused on sorting out the question: what does the future of corporate performance management hold? We’d love to share a brief outline of the different insights during the day.

Laura Landmark, CEO Mantle Analytics

Laura Landmark, Mantle Analytics

The CEO and co-founder of the BizView partner Mantle Analytics, shared her ideas on how businesses can go from reactive to proactive business performance management to be better prepared for the future. Among other things, she shared her view on how businesses can avoid the common pitfalls of tunnel vision, by asking the right questions (Why? What if? How?).

Daniel Ackefelt, Bizview Product Specialist

Daniel Ackefelt, Bizview

Daniel Ackefelt is a BizView Product Specialist. He has worked with customers in a wide variety of industries and has participated in many solution design projects. At this year’s Bizview Summit, he shared his ideas around the future of budgeting and forecasting – what are the three top future trends? According to him, the role of the budget will start to diminish, and we will see an increased number of organizations adopting rolling forecasting and advanced business logic. Budgeting and forecasting is not exempt of impact from AI and machine learning - it will play a big part in the coming years.

Nicklas Hansson, ATEA

ATEA is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of IT, and a long-time BizView customer. Nicklas Hansson, System Specialist at ATEA, shared why IT departments love BizView. Previously the finance personnel were unable to set up new reports without the involvement of IT and external consultants. Thanks to setting up the right structures in BizView, the finance department now can create and extract their own reports without the involvement of IT.

Guillaume Koelsch, Bizview & Multiconsult

Guillaume Koelsch from Bizview has participated in the architect of the BizView solution at Multiconsult, one of Norway’s leading engineering consultancy firms. At Multiconsult, BizView is used in several usage areas, and project management is one of them. Guillaume illustrated how broadly BizView can be used – everything from project backlog to a telephone catalog functionality.

Gustav Lundin, Bizview Product Specialist

Emelie Hagander & Gustav Lundin, Bizview Academy

At Bizview, we would like to focus more on enabling our customers and partners to get more out of their solution by focusing on education and training. Our Bizview Academy coaches Emelie and Gustav gave a short crash course in BizView and presented the upcoming 2020 course schedule. Stay tuned on our website!

Lars Rosengren, Meritmind

What are the skills that Business Controllers need in order to stay up-to-date in the future? With inspiration from the big data and AI expert Bernard Marr, our key note speaker Lars Rosengren listed the top 10 skills and competencies that he thinks will be key to remain relevant in the controlling department in the future: data knowledge, critical thinking, technological aptitude, adaptability, creativity, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and diversity, judgement and complex decision-making, and, collaboration.

Erik Lidman, Bizview CTO & Product Manager

BizView Chief Technology Officer Erik Lidman rounded the day off with insights into the upcoming BizView updates. Stay tuned for the next BizView product updates…

We would like to thank our customers, partners, speakers and co-workers, who all made this a great day!

Mike Lipps, CEO insightsoftware, was in Stockholm to meet with the partners and customers at the Summit