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Fortum company Stockholm Exergi chooses BizView as budgeting tool

Stockholm Exergi is the largest energy provider in the Stockholm region, supplying 800 000 Stockholm residents with energy every day. With 700 employees and a large network of operations, the organization needed a platform to improve and streamline their budgeting process.

For the energy provider Stockholm Exergi, operating across the entire Stockholm region, the budgeting process had become a chore over the years. With 150 people involved in the process, the business controllers would spend a lot of time consolidating Excel budget forms and looking for information that had been saved in many different places. Facing such a heavy budgeting process, Stockholm Exergi started looking into changing to a better solution. With BizView, they could connect all budget forms on one platform, which has saved time and resources for the entire organization, as well as improved the quality of the output.

Per Sandberg, Business Controller at Stockholm Exergi, comments:

“Previously the Business Controllers would spend weeks to form one cohesive budget, with old Excel files and information being saved in different places.

Now we have all information collected in one place. By linking BizView with our existing IT systems, we have saved a lot of time for us Business Controllers by reducing the time we put on screening, collecting and consolidating information.”

Stockholm Exergi started using BizView this budgeting season, and the results are already positive. Per Sandberg continues:

BizView is easy to use and it gives you and your users a clear overview of the process. Thanks to the workflow function, individual users can send information upwards in the organization, and have their budgets approved step by step.”

With 150 users in the organization, everything from members of management to network plant operations use BizView to fill in their budget forms.

Per Sandberg has been positively surprised about the implementation of BizView in the organization: “Normally it’s hard to implement change where you alter long since established ways of working. However, with BizView we’ve had almost exclusively positive feedback. This might be due to the similarity with Excel, except that it’s more convenient for the users to work with.”

Johan Bergmark, CEO Bizview Systems Sweden, comments on Stockholm Exergi:

“We are proud to be able to deliver solutions to a large energy provider like Stockholm Exergi. We have previous experience in the energy sector, and therefore we are confident that we can continue to improve and streamline Stockholm Exergi’s processes. We are happy to see that the organization already has realized significant time savings through an easier budget process.”

Stockholm Exergi is owned in equal parts by Fortum and Stockholm City. The BizView agreement has been concluded with Fortum.

About Stockholm Exergi

Stockholm Exergi is the local energy company of Stockholm, owned by the City of Stockholm and Fortum. We provide heating for more than 800 000 people in metropolitan Stockholm and cooling for over 400 hospitals, data centres and other properties. Our 700 employees are working together with our customers and the local community to provide the city with simple, reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

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