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Bizview is one of the leading systems for budgeting, planning, reporting, analytics and dashboard. With adaptable features and powerful workflow management, users at all levels in the organization can participate in the planning and reporting process. Companies of all sizes worldwide use BizView to improve their processes and business results. Our mission is to deliver planning and reporting, the way you want it. Faster.

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JUB Slovenia chooses BizView

Bizview Systems partner RESULT, Slovenia, has signed their biggest customer yet, JUB. JUB is a Slovenian paint producer with operation on over thirty markets. The solution will be implemented starting immediately. BizView will help JUB with their budgeting and forecasting process, with integrated, simple but powerful and lean administration planning solutions across the global team.

Igor Korelic, CTO at RESULT says: “We are very pleased that we have the opportunity to collaborate with JUB in the project of setting up a system for planning and business analytics. The implementation of the business planning and forecasting system for the entire JUB Group is a great opportunity and a real challenge for our development team. But what is very important and gives us great confidence is the fact the project is of strategic importance to JUB. They strongly believe only this way will lead them forward. I think this decision shows great vision and confirms the fact they are market leaders and one of the best brands in both, the SEE and Adriatic region. ”

Jens Karlsson, VP International Sales at Bizview Systems “The success of our partner RESULT is simply astonishing! They have clearly made a name for themselves in the Slovenian market, and now meet new, global customers from Slovenia with a lot of confidence. JUB is the biggest contract RESULT have signed to date. The contract is a prestige win as well as there was some tough competition to beat. But in the end BizView and the case RESULT presented gave JUB the solution they need with the expected return on investment they are looking for, to make the choice in favor of BizView.

RESULT and Bizview have built a strong relationship, and without a doubt that is one of the factors that have enabled the success of RESULT. The right people, the common grounds, the will to help customers and the notion to always be flexible and listen carefully to the customer needs and critical factors have all helped us to play our best game together. This is something that we knew but it is absolutely critical for us to never forget as BizView continues to enter new markets and gain global presence “

For more information contact Igor Korelic, +386 1 320 81 53, igor.korelic@result.si, or Jens Karlsson, +46 (0)70 7352205 jens.karlsson@bizviewsystems.com, International Sales responsible at Bizview.